Sunday, 20 August 2017

Clases de inglés, conversaciones Why I like pizza.

Steve talks about a food he loves and what he likes to put on it.

Steve: Hi, this is Steve. I'd like to talk about pizza. Pizza is my favorite food. I like it because you can have pizza every day and it can be different each time. My favorite toppings on pizza are pepperoni, mushrooms, basil, garlic. I like lots of cheese also. Olives are really good on Pizza as well. I like pizza with a thick crust but I also like the crust to be somewhat crunchy. I know how to make pizza quite well and I think some of the best pizzerias that you can go to usually serve it with olive oil, chili's and parmesan cheese. That's how I like it. 

Toppings  > the ingredients you put on top of a pizza or other food
choose your own pizza toppings > elija los ingredientes para cubrir su pizza
Pepperoni > salchichón 
Mushrooms > champiñones
Basil > albahaca
Garlic > ajo
Cheese > queso
Really good > very good. Really is used a lot for emphasis.
It’s really hot / really cold / really expensive etc
Crust > corteza
Somewhat > algo, un tanto
crunchy > crujiente
I know how to make pizza quite well > sé como hacer pizza muy bien

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Clases particulares de inglés para niños y adultos en Miraflores de la sierra. Clases de inglés, conversaciones Why I like pizza.

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